The Team

Name  Team/s  Role
Kevin Peltonen-Messenger Business CEO
Angus Claydon Business Director of Operations
Mary-Jane Jones Business Finance Manager
Kelly Rae Business Business Support Officer
Sam Wheeler Well Aware/Ways to Wellbeing Social Action Manager
Sally Williams Ways to Wellbeing Social Prescribing Link Worker
Olivia Ash Well Aware Intelligence and Wellbeing Administrator
Sarah Wilson Well Aware Intelligence and Wellbeing Administrator
Dan Hull Dialogue WOE Engagement Officer
Hannah Seaman Advocacy Advocate
Amritpal Kaur Healthwatch Swindon & BANES Project Portfolio Manager BSW
Josephine Fliski Healthwatch Swindon Development officer
Ann-Marie Scott Healthwatch Swindon & BANES Volunteer Support Officer
Sue Poole Healthwatch BANES Development Officer
Kate Bissix Resettlement Inclusion Manager
Dan Hull Resettlement Resettlement Link Worker
Tom Lavery Resettlement Resettlement Link Worker
Mel Davis Resettlement Resettlement Link Worker
Liliya Parkhomenko Resettlement Resettlement Link Worker