Spot Purchase Work

What is spot purchase advocacy?

Spot purchase advocacy can help when there is no contract to provide that particular piece of work. It is a single piece of work that can be funded by a range of organisations including local authorities, NHS trusts, solicitor firms and voluntary organisations.

What can a spot purchase advocate do?

  • Identify what an individual wants from services
  • Explain to the service user their rights and entitlements
  • Support the individual to have their voice heard by services
  • Help individuals to make difficult decisions for themselves

This advocacy can be on an instructed basis with an individual who can make an informed decision about what they want, or on a non-instructed basis with an individual who does not have the capacity to make an informed decision.

The Care Forum advocates can also undertake Paid Representative work for people subject to a DoLS authorisation, litigation friend work and Rule 3A work for individuals who are being deprived of their liberty in a supported living or other setting.

Self-Advocacy Workshops

The Care Forum can deliver self-advocacy workshops to groups of individuals. These workshops will build skills and resilience in groups of individuals whilst also seeking to improve wellbeing.  The workshops can empower people to take control of their lives in order to mitigate against social factors that are likely to contribute to feelings of disempowerment and low self-efficacy and to tackle social determinants of physical and mental health.

Workshops are delivered to 8-12 participants either as a stand-alone session or as a series of workshops allowing issues to be covered in more depth.  Content of the sessions can be tailored to the specific cohort.  Examples of topics could be:

  • What is advocacy?
  • Assertiveness – diplomacy versus confrontation
  • Listening skills and negotiation


Professional advocacy:

£45/hr (inclusive of VAT) plus travel costs (45p/mile)

Self-advocacy workshops:

£225 per 2.5hr workshop, delivered by 2 trained advocates (exclusive of travel costs)

The Care Forum Spot Purchase Advocacy Leaflet

Case Study

Mrs Ahmed was already known to the advocacy service. During this time, she had to attend a child protection conference in relation to her three children and she asked if her advocate could attend. She felt that she was not heard by the social workers and that the goal posts kept shifting. She was frightened that her children would be taken away from her. The social worker was aware that communication with Mrs Ahmed was proving difficult and this had already led to a formal complaint. Therefore, social services funded an advocate for four hours to attend the conference with Mrs Ahmed, to help her to understand what was happening and to ensure that she could make her views heard in the meeting.

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