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12 Feb 19 – Changes to the Mental Health Partnership in South Gloucestershire

As per the updated Terms of Reference, from April 2019 South Gloucestershire will have the following two complementary bodies: the Mental Health Partnership and the Mental Health Practitioner Network. The Mental Health Partnership will be a strategic group of representative commissioning and provider organisations who can make strategic decisions and ‘influence up’ to the Health and Wellbeing Board. The Mental Health Practitioner Network will include practitioners from South Gloucestershire Council, VCSE and provider organisations and will provide a wider forum to champion practitioner views and engagement and disseminate information.

11 Feb 19 – Introduction to the Long Term Plan

The new Long Term Plan is an odd hybrid of strategy, innovation, specific clinical target and legislative hybrid, which – despite its grand title – feels like a bit of a stopgap document, holding its breath for other publications and wider political events. This article gives a very brief summary of the plan’s significant content and links to some of the most useful documents, infographics and explainers.