Meet the team

Stefan Zylinski – Consultant Portfolio Manager

Stefan manages Dialogue as part of his role of Consultancy Portfolio Manager at The Care Forum. His role for Dialogue involve developing strategy and partnerships, leading on Dialogue’s insight and research work, and supporting staff day to day. More broadly, his role for The Care Forum involves leading on new business opportunities and partnerships, developing research and insight consultancy work (e.g. Macmillan Research Project), and more recently, leading on The Care Forum’s organisational response to coronavirus (COVID-19) both for service users and in research and insight delivery.

Dan Hull – Engagement Officer

Daniel Hull joined The Care Forum in 2014, prior to this he worked as a Health Promotion Specialist in Bristol Public Health. Dan has a passion for working directly with people and having constructive and helpful conversations and dialogue with people from all walks of life. In his personal time Dan enjoys spending his time with animals, playing sport and spending time with friends.

James Picardo – Engagement Officer

James Picardo has been with The Care Forum since 2012, before which he worked as a campaigner. His relevant interests include developing systems, analysing qualitative data and promoting equality. Outside of work he enjoys Ameritrash games, European films and nature.