Fundraise to help end health inequality

There should exist among the citizens neither extreme poverty nor again excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil.”


Your dedication will enable us to continue our vital work to ensure no-one, child or adult, is left without access and information to enable better health.

Ways to fundraise
At school? Cool, you’re starting at the right age. Speak with your year head and support us and:

• In Bristol? Why not get involved in local politics and do your bit for the One City Plan?
• Encourage students, staff and parents to get involved with fundraising, such as a sponsored walk or silence, dress down day, bake sale
• Represent The Care Forum as part of your First Give project (national project)
• Invite us to talk to your students at an assembly or deliver a workshop about our work
• Join us in launching the world’s first health equality day

Fundraising at University
There are many ways you can support TCF at your University.
Support a local charity to give you that warm feeling (plus your CV will look pretty hot afterwards)

There are so many ways you can support us. Have you thought about getting together with your friends to do a run? What about via your RaG society? Would your student union help?
Either way – make change today!

• Choose us as one of your Rag charities to support throughout the year
• Join us for our annual Health equality day collections in …..
• Get your society involved by holding a cake sale or quiz night on campus
• Invite us to speak about our work.
• Why not give a one-off donation?

In return, we’ll promote your story and support you getting your fundraising up and running. We’ll also get you some TCF fundraising packs which include, t-shirts, stickers and pens.