Key Values

Our key values underpin all the work undertaken at The Care Forum.

  • Equalities and the principle of inclusion – The Care Forum believes that every individual has a right to make informed choices and to have equal access to services and opportunities.
  • Empowerment – The Care Forum provides support to individuals and community groups so that they can express their views, make their needs understood and participate in decision-making.
  • Independence – The Care Forum remains independent of the agencies from which it receives funding.
  • Confidentiality – The Care Forum adheres to a strict code of confidentiality.
  • Accountability – The Care Forum is responsible to its members, the users of its services and its founders.
  • Working in partnership – The Care Forum believes that working together with other voluntary and community groups, service users and statutory agencies fosters understanding and provides opportunities for development.
  • Quality and value for money – The Care Forum offers professional services to a high standard, using its resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Learning organisation – The Care Forum is constantly open to innovation and regularly reviews its activities, performance and plans for the future.