Aim and Objectives

The overarching aim of the service is to improve joint working and collaboration across the health and wellbeing system. To achieve this we:

  • Address barriers for smaller and excluded providers to enable them to articulate needs and gaps – in particular this includes voluntary, community and social enterprise sector groups
  • Strengthen the dialogue and information flow between those who provide services and those who plan them
  • Share innovation and good practice

Our approach

In line with the values of The Care Forum, we seek to work in a way which is:


speaking up and being a trusted voice, particularly reflecting the views of those with least power or influence


grounding our work in the wider national and regional context


being alive and responsive to opportunities for positive change


being open about our work


delivering our work through partnership and co-production


promoting ways of working that do not exclude groups from taking part


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Networking, co-production, relationships

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Facilitation, research, innovation

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Impact – Annual Report and Accounts

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