What can The Care Forum do to help my organisation?

We are always happy to talk about how you can use our skills. If you know of an issue that needs to be aired, or want to find out more about local experiences to help your planning, we can help. We can run meetings from large conferences to focus groups. We can host surveys. We research and share best practice in health and social care.

In-house Research and Evaluation

  • Healthwatch data analysis and reporting
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of TCF projects

Every year South Gloucestershire Council conducts a Home Care Survey which they send to everyone within the local authority who receives home care support to help them to continue to live in their own home. A set of 25 questions are asked gauging people’s experience of the quality of care they receive from their service provider, with the opportunity to give more detailed commentary in various sections of the survey.

The surveys are returned to The Care Forum.  Healthwatch South Gloucestershire carries out an initial check of all surveys returned to ascertain whether or not there are any safeguarding issues. If there are any areas of concern this is then fed back to the council with immediate effect. Once this has been done a thorough analysis is carried out, the data of which is then collated (anonymously) and put into a detailed report and sent to the council for their further analysis.

Contact us for more information: admin@thecareforum.org.uk or 0117 9654444