Dialogue at The Care Forum Finishes Round of Covid-19 Insight & Engagement for the VCSE South Gloucestershire Health & Social Care Network

Dialogue at The Care Forum has recently finished a round of insight and engagement with the VCSE Health & Social Care Network in South Gloucestershire on behalf of South Gloucestershire Council.

Comprised of a webinar and two online focus groups that took place in July 2020, this insight and engagement process sought to increase understanding of how the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector was responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. We spoke to VCSE participants about a number of key issues, including the opportunities for learning, and the impacts and challenges for their organisations during this period. The event offered the opportunity for participants to tell their story of responding to the epidemic, and allowed us to gather data for local authorities and regional commissioners to better support the sector in the months to come.