Voice and Influence Partnership

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What is Voice and Influence Partnership?

The Voice and Influence Partnership is a project designed to ask Bristol’s residents for their views on campaigns, events and local policies. If you want to help shape the things that happen in our city, if you want to be influential and have your say, then this project is for you.

Who do we want to speak to?

We want to hear from you if you are a resident of Bristol and have one or more of the following characteristics:

• You are an older person (over 55)
• You are from a particular faith group (all faiths included)
• You identify as being a disabled person – including people with physical impairments, mental health conditions and learning difficulties
• You are from a minority ethnic group, including a Gypsy, Roma or Traveller
• You are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning

The Partnership is specifically funded to assist people who have one or more of the protected characteristics to have their say, because often their voices are missed. Together we are working to create an influential voice for equalities groups across the city.

Why get involved?

The Voice and Influence Partnership will be in touch with you to inform you about local consultations and give you information about campaigns and events. Your opinion matters, and we want to represent the views of people who don’t always get involved.

Want to be involved?

Registering on our contact list is quick and easy. You can fill out the information here or if you prefer we can send you a paper copy. The information you give us will be confidential. We will not share it with anyone unless you specifically give us consent to do so. Full details of our privacy policy can be accessed here.

If you would like to contact us about anything, including asking us to stop holding your data, you can write to us on VIPadmin@thecareforum.org.uk or call us on 0117 965 4444.


Who can see your information?

At the end of the form there are a number of tick boxes.

You can choose for only The Care Forum to see your data and legally we cannot share it with anyone else.

If you want to be (or have in the past been) a member of one of the other Equalities Partners we are working with (Bristol Multi Faith Forum, Bristol Older People’s Forum, LGBT Bristol, SARI, WECIL and BME Voice) and you want to receive information from them, then please tick that box too.

If you tick this box we will only share your contact details and your equalities information, and they will only use the data to send you information about their work.

Information that you give us in this form will not be shared with anyone else unless you give us consent to do so and we will never sell your details to a third party.

Voice & Influence Partnership project started on 17 May 2018. It has been funded by Bristol City Council and brings together The Care Forum (TCF), Bristol Multi-Faith Forum (BMFF), Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF), LGBT Bristol, SARI, WECIL and BME Voice, to bring about positive change in local communities.

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