Would you like to help shape decisions being made in health, care, skills and training, climate emergency and equality based issues?

TCF has launched an Insight Panel, where your feedback will help us to plan and prioritise our services more effectively, and affect decisions made by TCF and partner organisations. 

When you join us on the panel, you will be invited to complete a number of online surveys each year, which will usually take less than 5 minutes to complete. To thank you for completing them, we’ll give you the opportunity to enter free prize draws.

The information you give us about yourself will only be used for research purposes. The reports and results we create will not give out details about individual panel members, nor will we pass or sell on details to third parties. All the information you provide will be held in strict accordance with the GDPR data protection rules 2018.

Membership of the Insight Panel is open to people aged 18 or over who live in the South West. Find out more in the membership conditions document below.

Examples of where you could help shape outcomes;

  • Strategic Transformation Partnership (find date)
  • Health Equality Programme NHS England Bristol North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (2021)
  • Mental Health Pathway Review Swindon (2021)
  • Covid-19 Hesitancy Swindon (2021)
  • South Gloucestershire Strategic Leadership Sustainable strategy (2021)
  • Digital Home care Survey South Gloucestershire (2020)
  • GP Satisfaction Swindon (2021)
  • Digital inclusion Pathways Swindon and Banes (2021)