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TCF is committed to placing lived experience at the heart of system developments. Our vision moves us towards thinking differently about how we support system intelligence by viewing the world through the eyes of people who have accessed and utilised services.  Working alongside individuals in a transformational way, we seek to support learning and self care whilst we are helped to understand different perspectives on services and systems. This knowledge is then passed onto health and wellbeing boards, strategic intelligence groups and supports the developments of health and care strategies.

Our Aims

We aim to bring inclusive and person centred design and influence to systems and processes by:

  • Delivering person centred feedback to strategic leaderships
  • Supporting continuous learning and embedding a person centred approach in system intelligence
  • Supporting individual learning, development and personalised progression

Our Current Representation

  • Substance Misuse Lived Experience Panel
  • Domestic Abuse Lived Experience Steering Group
  • Therapeutic Communities Development Group
  • Ageing Well Group


If you’re developing a strategy or are seeking people with lived experience to support your thinking, why not contact us

Inclusion markers:

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