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We deliver a tried-and-tested model of EbE engagement/coproduction to provide MHSIP with Mentors by Experience (MbE), linking lived experiences of seldom-heard people & communities of mental care to current NHS Trust and system thinking, driving improvements & organisational/cultural change.

Mentors meet regularly with Mentees to share planning, preparation, implementation and-evaluation-of-the-programme, offering-insights-at every stage of the process. Our service will include the following activities with potential for future engagement/expansion of this role to March 2024 (where agreed with MHSIP Programme/Governance Leads):

  • Join Programme Leads at relevant meetings
  • Provide support in preparation for faculty/learning-events
  • Attend learning events of local Patient Safety Networks-(PSNs)
  • Observe behaviours and feedback on key decisions/communications
  • Support Programme Leads to provide facilitation to Trust Teams
  • Share perspective, experience and insights into barriers/difficulties
  • Explore reflective learning with Programme Leads

Contact details:

Regions: Bristol
Inclusion markers: CommunicationHeartPeople

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