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Getting in touch 

If you have any questions about the Ways to Wellbeing service, or would like to know how we can help more generally, don’t hesitate to reach out.  


Telephone: 0117 958 9360

What is Social Prescribing? 

Social Prescribing is about supporting people to live well. We connect individuals to their local community in order to help them improve their overall wellbeing. Through listening to a person’s needs, we can recommend anything from support and advice organisations, to social or activity groups. We take a holistic approach, understanding ‘what matters’ in the lives of those we help. Our service seeks to support with developing confidence, learning skills, trying a new activity and human connection. By listening we empower those we work with to feel heard, valued and hopeful about their future. 

Accessing our Service

Our Ways to Wellbeing is a Social Prescribing service currently available for residents of East Bristol who are patients at Air Balloon Surgery, Beechwood Medical Practice, Fishponds Family Practice, Fireclay Health & The Old School Surgery​. Our experienced Social Prescribers are available to speak with you in person or on the phone, offering support over six weeks to understand what is important to you and signpost you to the right place(s) to help. Alongside this, one of our friendly Volunteers can come along with you to a new activity and ensure the process is as easy and accessible as possible. Please speak to your GP if you are interested in being referred to us. 

If you live in other areas, or you are looking to be referred, the information below is a starting point to enable you to feel more positive and take small steps towards enjoying life and living well. 

Connect with others  

Building relationships can be a stepping stone towards improving wellbeing and a sense of belonging. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. This can look different for different people, such as joining a local club with likeminded people or prioritising time with friends and family. If you live alone,  video-chat options such as Skype can help to catch up with loved ones. Utilising a befriending service is another way in which you can connect and build meaningful friendships. 

Become more active 

Increasing physical activity levels has been shown to improve your emotional wellbeing and self-esteem as well the more obvious effects. We understand that the thought of exercise can be daunting, so why not start slowly and enjoy a local walking group which has the added benefit of getting out in nature.  

Keep learning 

Obtaining a sense of purpose and fulfilment can boost our overall zest for life. You could start a project in the home, learn a creative pursuit or get green fingered in the garden or at a local community park. Developing a new skill or connecting with a previous passion are also great options, there are plenty of community learning options available free of charge.  

Give Back  

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and enjoy a mutual interest with others. If you don’t have time to volunteer, simple acts of kindness are a great way to increase our self-worth and connect with others. You could offer to help a family who might be in need or ask a friend how they are today?

Develop mindfulness  

Simply pausing throughout your day and taking a few deep breathes can help you feel calm. Being present in, and taking notice of the world around you, can have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Mindfulness a great tool to be more aware of our thoughts, feelings and surroundings and there are plenty of free online resources to engage with this practice from your own home.  

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