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The Board of Trustees are ultimately responsible for the financial and operational management of TCF, although the day to day decisions and management are devolved to the Chief Executive and staff team. In reality the Trustees set the overall strategic direction for the Charity, ensuring that its work remains true to the charitable objectives, values and aims of the organisation. Staff and managers then use this strategic blueprint to shape the actions and plans they make within individual projects or service developments.

The Board of Trustees also remain responsible for overall policy development, and have created a sub group for each major policy area to ensure best practice, good governance and to monitor implementation. Currently there are three sub groups:

  • Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resources

The Board is also looking to develop sub groups to look at Operational standards and Volunteering, which is an important aspect of the Charity’s work.

The Board of Trustees focus on an annual work plan, and take reports from a number of staff and managers. There are six meetings per annum, to coincide with major deadlines or milestones. In the recent Board Satisfaction Survey one member said the following:   “I am very happy and proud to be a board member of TCF, it does great work, and I feel well informed and involved. There is a strong culture of open and honest debate and respect between the Board.”

As a departing member of the Board said, “A group of committed trustees with a variety of experience and skills is essential to the effective governance of a charity – my experience has demonstrated that trustees come and go over time for a variety of reasons, and that it is always difficult to recruit.”

If you are interested in joining the Board of Trustees at TCF, please contact the Business Support Team, for more information. We are currently looking to recruit new trustees with lived experience or expertise in equalities work.

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Steve Barnes