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Volunteer Directors

  • Salary: Volunteer



The Driving and Mobility Centre (West of England) exists to provide a range of services relating to safe driving and mobility for all people who would benefit from them, particularly older and disabled people, and their informal and professional carers, in order to increase their choices, opportunities and quality of life.  It also provides information to the public, on matters relating to safe driving and mobility and, in addition, will pursue any other appropriate activities in support of these objectives.


The Board of Directors of this company comprises unpaid volunteer Directors, whose job is to actively monitor the management of the Centre, to ensure it complies with its formal status as a Community Interest Company, and to actively support the managers and staff working at the CentreThis is a Not-For Profit organisation.


You will need to attend 4 Board meetings a year, plus 1 Annual General Meeting, usually held during the afternoon, and lasting 1½ – 2 hours.  You are encouraged to support any discussions with your own comments, based on your personal experience and understanding.


Whilst the Directors come from a variety of backgrounds, it is expected that they have some knowledge and understanding of the services being provided.  We are particularly interested in applicants with the following backgrounds:   Accountancy; Project Management; Legal; Fundraising; HR; and Communications.


For more information, please email

How to apply:

Please email Bobby Oliver with a detailed CV, and a covering letter, stating the reasons, and the experience being offered, for becoming a Director with the Centre.