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Ukrainian resettlement service offers bespoke 121-group and community cohesion for Ukrainian guests, homed in South Gloucestershire.

Providing clear support around Training Education, Volunteering and Employment (TEVE), community cohesion work, welfare advice, benefit support, housing support and school placement support.

Priority support includes:

  • Initial reception – greet them at their new home, help settle them in, provide contact details to both family/sponsor from the caseworker
  • Initial welfare check – does the family that have arrived have any immediate health or social care concerns that need immediate attention.
  • Welfare checks on a weekly basis with the families – usually in person of families come to a hub/space?
  • Identifying immediate needs and signposting individuals to services – LGBTQ referring to diversity trust or pride without borders
  • Provide cash support to families – £200 per person, dependant on the family will depend on whether it is given in one lump sum or staggered until benefits in place.
  • Support family to get their benefits in place – support to attend/arrange attendance for job centre to set up benefits
  • Provision of welcome packs to both families and sponsor – map of local area
  • Ensure sponsors have contact details for services
  • Provide families with pre-paid Sim card
  • Arrange bank account being set up and email
  • Support for school applications and support families to get uniforms etc.
  • Initial orientation of the area, access to shops
  • Supporting to access health assessments – GPs, uptake of vaccinations
  • Sign up for jobs/education training for adults.
  • Provide drop-in centre and contact details for support
  • Welfare checks on a weekly basis with the families – usually in person of families come to a hub/space?
  • Linking with other organisations/groups to support families and make links.
  • Mobilise a volunteer network to support families outside of the welfare checks to support their integration.
  • Central donation support between the support providers? What does this look like?
  • Linking an or providing ESOL classes for individuals to access?
  • To work in partnership with other organisations to support the rapid and potential immediate resettlement of individuals/families to South Gloucestershire under this scheme.

Contact details:

Inclusion markers: HeartPeople

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