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Agendas for Community Resource Lead network meetings

Please find attached the agendas for the three Community Resource Lead network meetings. The purposes of these meetings are to:

  1. Build confidence in performing the CRL role
  2. Increase CRLs awareness of community resources in the area by providing an opportunity to network with local organisations
  3. Improve CRLs confidence in using their knowledge to enable patients to access support by increasing their awareness of local groups and their services
  4. Provide support to help CRLs to develop and fulfil their role through discussion and peer support
  5. Provide an opportunity to share experiences with other CRLs about what has worked well and what has not
  6. Consider ways of working collaboratively with other practices/voluntary organisations.

Please RSVP to to say which event you will be attending!


CRL network agenda 15 Nov

CRL network agenda 29 Nov

CRL network agenda 6 Dec