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Bristol area – New service for parents: both hearing and Deaf parents, or both deaf and hearing children

ND CAMHS Parenting Advice & Consultation Service

The ND CAMHS team, in partnership with Deaf Parenting UK, has set up a new service for parents (both hearing and Deaf parents) or both deaf and hearing children living in the Bristol area.

The aim of this service is to provide parents with:

* information

* one to one support

* advice

* peer support group

* relevant signposting

This service will be based at the NDCAMHS clinic at Elmfield School for Deaf children. The service will be opened to parents Wednesdays, from 9am-5pm. Home visits can also be arranged for those living in the Bristol areas.

If you would like to refer a parent to this service, please contact Monica Cherryson  for a referral form.

To access the service, parents must meet the following criteria:

•             Be a deaf parent and have deaf or hearing children aged 8 to 17 years.


•             Be a hearing parent and have deaf children aged 11 to 17 years.


•             Require some advice regarding parenting their children.

We would welcome any referrals to the service from Bristol, Gloucestershire, BANES, Wiltshire and Somerset.

For further details, please contact me via email, text or via Skype:

Text 07768 142218


Skype username: monicaFSW  (by appointment only)