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Bristol – Could you offer a weekend to care for a disabled child?

Could you offer a weekend to care for a disabled child?


What is the Bristol City Council Short Breaks for Disabled Children Scheme?

The Short Breaks Scheme   supports disabled children and their families by giving them the opportunity to have a break. It works by linking families with people who can regularly care for a disabled child in their own home overnight and maybe at weekends or occasionally for a full week.

Who benefits from the Short Breaks Scheme?

The scheme allows families to have a short break from one another and some time for themselves. Families who have a child with a disability can often feel isolated because so much of their time and effort is taken up caring for their child. They sometimes need a ‘breather’ to allow them time to themselves, or to devote some time to other members of the family.

The disabled child benefits from meeting people who can give them a range of experiences such as trips to the local park, cinema, visiting friends and relatives or ordinary activities at home which they might not otherwise experience. It also gives the children the opportunity to mix with other people and enjoy relationships outside their immediate family.

What can the Short Break Scheme do for you?

Becoming a short break carer is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you can do.

You will:

  • make a real difference to the lives of disabled children and their families
  • develop friendships, both with the child and their family
  • gain valuable experience caring for children
  • get an allowance in recognition of expenses and time involved in caring for a child
  • have a dedicated  worker who will provide ongoing training and support

Who can become a family link carer?

We are looking for enthusiastic, affectionate people who have the spare time, energy and commitment to look after a disabled child.

The disabled children who need care range from infants to teenagers. Like all children they are very much individuals, which is why we need Short Break carers from all walks of life – including people who are single, in a relationship, married or divorced, have children already or no children at all, be employed or unemployed, be from any ethnic background and regardless their of sexuality.

You don’t need to have had previous experience working with children, but some experience of children would be an advantage. This can be through family and friends e.g. regularly looking after a nephew. The Short Break for Disabled Children Team will provide preparation, training and ongoing support.

As long as you are caring, understanding and enjoy children’s company we want to hear from you!

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