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Bristol – Dementia and black and minority ethnic communities: free event Wed 14 March

Black and minority ethnic people experience a number of inequalities related to dementia. This ranges from particular ethnic communities having a higher risk of developing dementia, to more general difficulties for all black and minority ethnic communities in accessing appropriate care and support.

These inequalities vary across communities. African Caribbean communities have greater risk of developing dementia at an early age. Both African Caribbean and South Asian communities have a higher prevalence of dementia than the White British community. The Irish and Jewish communities both have a higher average age, as well as often sharing the experiences of migration and discrimination. Gypsy and Traveller communities can experience extreme barriers to accessing services.

The Race Equality Foundation with Faith Action and Friends, Families and Travellers, as member of the Health and Wellbeing Alliance, have been commissioned to help undertake a range of activities on dementia.

The aims of this event is to:

  • raise awareness of dementia
  • explore issues around risk reduction for dementia; and
  • explore dementia support for these communities

To read more and to book your place see here!