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Bristol Ward Profiles – Dec 2019 update and new web-tool

The Bristol Ward Profiles have been updated (Dec 2019) with new Population data, Deprivation 2019 and some updated Education datasets – alongside other data on each ward in Bristol and the communities that live in them.   

These now include a new online interactive data tool.  This is a Beta prototype tool (primarily built through a student placement joint-funded with Bristol Health Partners) and includes 3 years of trend data for most datasets.  This tool works best when accessed via a browser such as Chrome or Firefox (not Internet Explorer).

We still have individual pdf reports for each ward, and an Excel interactive data tool – all contain the same datasets as each other.  The tools will be further developed in 2020.

The Ward Profiles are part of the Bristol JSNA range of core products, and include a selection of JSNA data-sets for each ward.