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Are you diagnosing & treating yourself? Do you google your symptoms? Do you need help from a doctor?

Are you ….

– Dodging the doctor but have something that needs checking?

– Googling your symptoms?

– Diagnosing yourself online or via health apps and medical forums?

– Buying supplements, diet pills, steroids or prescription medication online and feel worried about the effects they are having on your health. Are they fake or the real deal?

– Worrying about suspicious lumps, bumps, moles or cysts that you’ve not got a second opinion on?

– Have been following diets or fitness plans on Instagram/YouTube and taking recommended supplements or diet pills and now feel worse than ever?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, and you are worried about your health after doing any of these things, then our doctors want to help you get diagnosed and treated!

All information will be treated with utmost confidentially. Applications and pictures will only be seen by the qualified doctors and the casting team. If you are not successful all information will be deleted.


To find out more text 07507566188 or email