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Celebrating the Achievements of Older People

The Celebrating Age Festival would like to receive nominations for older people (50 years of age and over) from all over Bristol so we can find the people who are great exponents of what can be accomplished in later life.

There are five categories:

Sport and Physical Activity

A regular sports player, dancer or coach for example.


Someone who looks after a partner, friend or a group of people – the county’s unsung heroes.


Someone who has gone that extra mile, overcome or managed an illness, shown remarkable bravery or risen to a challenge beyond expectations.


A person who is really making a difference to other people’s lives.

Group Award

Tell us how your older person’s group enhances lives.

Please think about your friends, neighbours and relatives who are worthy of an award and nominate them.

The winners will be announced at the Launch Event of the Celebrating Age Festival, at City Hall, Saturday the 23rd of September at 10.30am.

Terms and conditions for proposers and nominees for the Celebrating Age Festival Award:

  1. Nominations close at 5pm, Monday, 4th September
  2. Proposers must be residents of Bristol and not connected with the awards.
  3. Nominees must be current Bristol residents and 50 year of age or over at the date of the nomination and not connected with the awards.
  4. Proposers may submit only one nomination per nominee. Nominations must summarise, in no more than 500 words, the nominee’s achievements, current activities and reasons why they deserve the award.
  5. A person may not nominate themselves.
  6. Before submitting details of a nominee, proposers must obtain the nominee consent for the disclosure of their name, location and contact details (including telephone number) to the Celebrating Age Festival Steering Group and advise the nominee of the purpose of the submission and that their name, location and details of their nomination may be published in local newspapers and on websites connected to the Festival.
  7. Celebrating Age Festival reserves the right to publish nominations (including parts of entries) other than the winning nomination and publication does not necessarily mean the nominee has won the award.
  8. A panel of judges will select one winner for each category at their discretion. The judges’ decision is final. The winner will be informed by:  Shelley Hankins,Services Manager, Age UK Bristol.
  9. Each winner will receive an award in recognition of their achievements.
  10. Nominations can be made by email or letter to:

Shelley Hankins, Services Manager, Age UK Bristol, Canningford House, 38 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6BY

Applications close:  5pm, Monday 4th September 2017

Any person may submit one nomination.  Incomplete forms may be considered ineligible for assessment.

Award Criteria

When making your nomination, please provide short statements describing how the nominee meets the following award criteria.

Where possible, provide examples to support the statements. (Please limit responses to the space provided).

  1. Demonstrated benefit to the sport and recreation community at the local, regional or national level.
  2. Demonstrated achievements of the nominee and the work for which he / she is being nominated.
  3. Demonstrated qualities (attitude, support provided, and initiative) in their role.
  4. Demonstrated evidence of innovation, initiative or obstacles, which the nominee may have had to overcome to achieve their outcomes.

OA Nomination Form 2017