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Bristol: Celebrating Age Festival Date Has Changed to Sunday the 18th of September

In a city as busy as Bristol it’s not surprising that two events collide- the surprise is that it hasn’t happened before. The Celebrating Age Committee was stunned to learn that their launch day of September 25th in M Shed, planned for a year, conflicted with Bristol’s Half Marathon!

With all the roads closed, the only way for people to get to M Shed was to come by water, or run in the Marathon, so wisely the committee has decided to change the date to the week before, Sunday 18th September.

“Bristol’s older people are pretty game and usually up for anything, but I thought asking them to swim to M Shed was a bit much!” laughed Judith Brown, Deputy Chair of the Committee. “We plan the event from year to year, and all our little cards publicising the event have gone out around the city, but the brochure due out soon will have the right Celebration Day date of Sunday September 18th. The two week Festival of city-wide events will still begin on September 26th.

We are very grateful to the stall holders and activity leaders who have rallied to the cause of producing Celebration day one week earlier- it should be a great day; September 18th, 4pm M Shed”.