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Change Creators launch It’s Ok

Change Creators group are launching It’s Ok; a campaign aiming to diversify mental health provision in Bristol. Change Creators is a leadership programme funded by the Bristol City Council, offering young people the opportunity to make a positive change in the world by using the power of arts, media and technology. 

As a group, they have produced three videos showing different perspectives on mental health: a young person who has struggled with anxiety and overcome it through the power of creative arts, a professional explaining why there is a need more diverse services in the city and a spoken word artist performing a piece on her experiences suffering with Bipolar. These videos will play in the booth, which we’ll invite people to enter. 

We are hoping to launch our campaign in Mental Health Awareness week, which is from 16th –  22nd May but this is only the beginning. 

Twitter: itsokbristol

Facebook: MentalityProject – we are guest bloggers on this account.