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DBUK (Deafblind UK) focus on acquired dual sensory loss

DBUK (Deafblind UK) is the only national charity whose main focus is on acquired dual sensory loss. We are the longest established national charity providing practical support for individuals who have difficulty with their sight and hearing. By drawing on the learnings from our long and rich history (since 1928) we’ve developed a set of services that meet the changing needs of the people we support. All our services focus on unlocking the person behind the disability and on how we can work with deafblind people to achieve their aspirations, no matter how simple or how adventurous. We work with individuals who are 18+, their families and carers. We are a membership organisation and offer the following services, all of which are free to access by calling 0800 132 320:

  1. Our Information and Advice Line provides members with emotional support and practical advice on a wide variety of topics, such as giving people who have acquired the disability tips on helping family and friends use different ways of communicating with them.
  2. We make outbound calls to members, send out birthday and Christmas cards.
  3. Through our outreach service we provide face-to-face, bespoke support through home visits, working with our members to address any issues they might be facing.
  4. Volunteer befrienders provide companionship and light touch support at home that enables members to do everyday things such as shopping, going for walks, meeting friends.
  5. Our advocacy service supports our members when more complex things go wrong.
  6. Support and social groups bring deafblind people together for companionship, to enjoy activities, share advice and tips with each other, and to have fun together (subs may apply).
  7. Bespoke digital technology support helps deafblind people who have some residual sight or hearing use devises through audio commands and magnification in the way that best suits their level of sensory loss.
  8. A quarterly members’ magazine (Open Hand) in accessible formats keeps members informed and involved.
  9. Members have a voice in shaping our services at our regional and national forums.
  10. Access to our holiday caravan gives members a welcome break in a deafblind friendly environment.

Click here to download the membership poster