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Loneliness Awareness Week 2018

Loneliness Awareness Week  is being held by Marmalade Trust and the theme of baking Marmalade Connection Cakes has been chosen to help people connect and start conversations with neighbours and people in the community.

Bristol-based, Hart’s Bakery, are designing special Marmalade Connection Cakes for the occasion and community groups from all walks of life are already getting involved. The bakery has even provided a recipe for the week, which can be downloaded here.

Marmalade Trust founder Amy Perrin said: “Since we formed in 2013, loneliness has become an issue more people are aware of but just don’t know how to deal with or what to do.

“The days of popping into a neighbour’s house for a cuppa or taking an elderly relative a nice cake and having a chat can seem far in the past. We wanted to harness the country’s love of baking to benefit those who need it most.

Hart’s Bakery founder, Laura Hart said: “We’ll have the cakes available every day in the bakery along with the other businesses we supply. We hope it’ll become a bestseller.

MP Rachel Reeves, co-chair of the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission said: “More and more people recognise the importance of tackling loneliness. Initiatives like the Marmalade Trust’s Loneliness Awareness Week will help raise its profile even further and most importantly, encourage individuals to take action, start conversations and ultimately help people to connect.”

For more on how to help combat loneliness in your local community and updates on the various activities and events taking place that week, or to get involved, please go to: