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Talking therapies looking for voluntary sector partners

IAPT recommissioning: Talking Therapies Services in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

AWP (Avon & Wiltshire Partnership Mental Health Trust) and Second Step have formed a partnership to bid for the forthcoming tender for the IAPT service. This partnership already delivers the IAPT service in North Somerset as well as some other community mental health services in Bristol. 

The design of the new service will be based upon an holistic assessment of peoples psych/social needs. It is intended that the assessment process will guide people to a range of services & support in addition to the provision of therapeutic input. Therefore, the partnership is seeking to develop a range of relationships with relevant organisations in the area to create pathways that support people to the best outcomes. The nature of each relationship will vary depending on specific factors. Some pathways will be more formally defined than others. The partnership will be looking beyond a signposting model. The intention is to create reciprocal arrangements that create value and support.

It would be of interest to hear from local organisations who wish to be involved in the development of this approach. Please contact– if you would like to discuss this opportunity.