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Message from Morgan Daly CEO to VCSE partners

Over the last week or so, I’ve heard from several VCSE colleagues a worry that it will be difficult to write an application to become a locality lead partner in the current circumstances. Based on your feedback, we discussed how to proceed at a Board meeting on the 16 March. I’m emailing on behalf of the Board to let you know that we have decided to pause the application process. Thank you to those who got in touch to highlight this to us.

The BHCP Board is still committed to the approach. In light of pressures particularly around Covid19, we are delaying the bidding process and will review again in 3 months.

In the meantime, partners including the local authorities and health partners intend to continue working closely with the VCSE, including on a coordinated response to Covid19.

 Thanks, Morgan Daly, CEO The Care Forum