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Music therapy sessions in Weston-Super Mare

Sazia Salim Community Development Worker for Older People will be running a six week music therapy course at The For All Healthy Living Centre in Weston-Super Mare in June.

No dates have been set as yet but the group will involve using music to support wellbeing in different ways – for example, through listening to music together, playing music (a good selection of accessible instruments will be available ), music and breathing relaxation techniques, music and imagery, possibly music with creative art.

No experience of music-playing is needed and people won’t even have to play instruments if they don’t want to. There’s also scope for it to reflect what people’s needs are, so if anything comes up as you’re talking to people, or if you’re aware of a particular need/want It can be passed to the music therapists and see what they can do.

Contact Sazia Salim on

01934 426 988