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‘Your Neighbourhood’ Consultation/Proposal Update (Bristol)

In the recent ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultation we asked the people of Bristol about how we should spend £309k. This was what was left in the Neighbourhood Partnerships budget once the saving of £1.062m was removed.  We put forward three proposals one of which was to allocate £257k to fund local community projects. Most people supported the proposal to fund local community projects so we know, of those who responded, most people thought it was a good idea.

Subject to the December Cabinet accepting the options put forward following this consultation there could have been be £257k available for small grants for  local community projects. These grants would have been available for local councillors and members of the community to allocate jointly to local projects – for example, to fund sports equipment or community events.

However, this proposal is now being reviewed in the context of the need for further savings.

You may be aware that the consultation on the corporate plan and the 18/19 budget proposals commenced on Monday and is now on the council website (click here).

Included in this  is a saving proposal of £257k, which is what could be available to spend on small grants and community projects (see page 10 of the consultation information booklet – click here)

We would like to know what you think about the proposal to save the £257k, a proposal which is set in the context of the very difficult decisions which have to be made by the Council. There is a dedicated survey question for this (click here) but the overall context is the savings proposals in the corporate plan.

The consultation closes on 17 December