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New charitable organisation TwinWave launched

TwinWave will be delivering creative combinations of community, music and therapy.


Based in Bristol, the organisation aims to support a creative and healthy lifestyle for residents of Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire. They offer a number of programmes in health, education and community

They have just launched a new health promotion scheme, Beats per Minute, which is a way to promote health and fitness and an innovative way to raise funds. “Beats Per Minute” consists of high impact training or short bursts of exercise followed by relaxation which has more beneficial impact to health and wellbeing.

A new activity where teams of up to 12 people can join one of the Beats Per Minute (BPM leagues) is now available in the area. A fun way to measure fitness and raise funds for local causes is looking for teams to take up the BPM challenge.

The first step in the Beats Per Minute challenge is to get in rhythm with a drum beat.  You and your team will have a fun cardiovascular workout with the drums and heart rates will then be recorded after each short burst of effort. The second step in the challenge is to slow down and simply relax with a gong meditation. Heart rates will again be recorded to show the extremes of exercise and relaxation.

Individual heart rates will reveal an average team fitness level in each of the BPM business leagues.  “Beats Per Minute” has a business, charity, community and student league to sign up to. Teams can have a fun team building session raising their fitness levels whilst raising funds for charitable causes.

Sign up your team to the BPM challenge and exercise your heart to raise fitness and funds at