Neighbour support and the Covid-19 lockdown

Apart but not Alone.

Neighbour support and the Covid-19 lockdown

How are you and your neighbours supporting each other during lockdown?

In many streets across the UK, neighbours are coming together to support each other during the coronavirus outbreak. Neighbours are staying at home, staying apart, but are not alone.

Can you give a few minutes to help with rapid research run by the UWE Centre for Public Health and Wellbeing? 

Your replies will help show what’s happening where, and how volunteers and services can channel their efforts. 

How is it for you and neighbours now? Hard? Challenging? Amazing? Inspiring?

If you are involved in neighbour support in any way – big or small – we would like to hear your experience.

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We’ve just launched the project Twitter page @ApartAlone

UWE team at the Centre for Public Health & Wellbeing launch Apart but not Alone

Clockwise from top left: Amy Beardmore, Stuart McClean, Michele Biddle, Mat Jones, Jo White, Sanda Ismail.

Contact: Mat Jones, Associate Professor of Public Health

Further details

This study forms part of UWE’s research on the Bristol Ageing Better (BAB) (2015-21), a National Lottery Community Fund programme directed at addressing isolation and loneliness amongst older people. BAB is a CVS partnership programme supported by BCC and BNSSG CCG.

Further details of the programme and associated research are available at

Contact Laura Thacker (Head of Programme)

Approval for the study was given on 27/3/20 as an amendment to the BAB research. UWE REC REF No:  HAS.16.11.045