Rural Racism

Wesport formally launched their network commitment to being anti-racist organisations and proactively tackling racial inequalities in sport and physical activity, on Monday – Active Partnerships launch Racial Equality Commitment | Active Partnerships.

They also held a session with CEOs, board members and staff from some of the Active Partnerships with a low % of ethnically diverse people in their areas, or parts of their area, recognising that this is often where racisim and racist incidents happen more frequently than in the big urban areas.  It was just a start for many, but a chance to share some of the steps individual Active Partnerships are already beginning to take, ensuring they personally understand the issues around race and can speak with confidence and eloquence about race. This is their start, rather than the conclusion of some big piece of work, and something they are working to embed long term.

In the session, the two videos below were shared, both are very powerful and we would encourage you to watch them. 5 minutes of your day…