WECIL’s employment courses in Easton and Kingswood

WECIL has two 12-week Working Together employment courses coming up:

1)  A women-only course at Barton Hill Settlement starting on the 6th of June.

2)  A course for people of any gender at Kingsmeadow starting on the 9th of July

Referring people or getting them to self-refer is easy – you can email the employability inbox (employability@wecil.co.uk) or phone WECIL reception (0117 947 9911)

People can also ask to be contacted by filling in this online form: http://bit.ly/workingtogethercontactme if they would like to hear more. Or register directly by filling in this online form: http://bit.ly/wecilworkingtogether or the attached paper copy. 

·Eligibility criteria: 18+, any postcode, identifies as disabled or as having a long-term health conditions (this include mental health conditions, dyslexia, dyspraxia, cancer, the list is very long!).