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Older men (65 or over) required for study into combatting loneliness

Older men’s experiences of seeking social engagement and combating loneliness in later life.

A research project at the University of Bristol
Funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research

Are you a man 65 years and over?
How do you stay connected to others?
How do you maintain friendships in later life?
What advice could you give to other men about tackling loneliness?
We’d like to hear from you if you are interested in talking to us about staying connected to others and combating loneliness in later life. We are seeking to interview men (65+) who belong to ONE of the following groups:
1. Currently single or living alone;
2. Currently living in rural areas and are single or living alone;
3. Identify as gay or bisexual and are single or living alone; and,
4. Provide care for other people important to you.
Being single includes men who are widowed or whose partner has died. If you are interested in taking part in a one-off research interview please contact us. We can travel to you and meet at a time convenient to you. We offer a £20 store voucher to say thanks.
Through this project we want to better understand the formal and informal ways in which older men (65+ years) maintain social connections in later life and combat loneliness.

Please contact for us for more information:
By phone: 0117 954 6773 (to speak to Tricia)
By email:
By post: Tricia Jessiman c/o OMAM project, 8 Priory Road Bristol BS8 1TZ