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**Recruiting now**- South West of England Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme- Application process

The South West of England Public Health Practitioner Registration Scheme for the 2017 -2018 Cohort are now recruiting.


  • Health Education England (HEE) fully fund the Scheme and practitioners are free to join without additional cost;
  • Practitioner Registration can provide further Public Health career opportunities;
  • Facilitator support is provided by the Scheme to help practitioners develop their portfolios;
  • Successful Practitioners have reported enhanced personal confidence and competence in their own work areas;
  • Portfolio development can increase reflective practice skills to assist with workforce development;
  • Practitioner registration is a recognised accredited standard for professional and ethical practice to provide quality assurance to employers.

See attachment for further details  

  1. Practitioner Nominations:

All application forms must be returned to both Mark Jefferies and Katie Porter by no later than 12:00 hours on Tuesday the 26th September 2017.  

 Who can apply:

Public health practitioners from the Local Authority (LA), National Health Service (NHS), Third sector organisations  and PHE

Definition of the term public health practitioner– The term public health practitioner is designed to describe a level of practice, not a specific job role or type of job. The United Kingdom Public Health Register (UKPHR) has taken the broad definition of a “public health practitioner” as someone who has autonomy in specific areas of public health work, continually developing their area of work and supporting others to understand it. See link for further details

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 Supporting information:

Please find the following documents attached to forward to your contacts and networks with this email: