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Shelter’s Big Conversation event (Bristol)

Shelter’s social housing campaign

Together we will tackle some of the biggest problems that sit at the centre of a system which is responsible for 1.2 million households being on social housing waiting lists in the UK. So far 31,000 Shelter supporters have already voiced their concerns and now our 16 high-profile commissioners, including Ed Miliband, Doreen Lawrence, and Baroness Warsi are drawing their conclusions.

With the country in the grip of a housing crisis, and a chronic shortage of social housing, now is the time for action. In Bristol 2,600 people are living in temporary accommodation and 1 in 170 people are currently homeless.

Your voice could help shape our campaign.

Clear recommendations have been made by the public and commissioners, and urgent change must happen. More social housing must be built. Tenants need a powerful voice. And communities should be stronger.
At this event we’ll discuss some of these recommendations and everyone will be invited to work together and help shape the future of Shelters campaigning on social housing.

Tenant and local voices must be at the centre of our campaigning. By putting the local community at the heart of this conversation, these events will provide a space for everyone to get involved.

We’re committed to helping tenants get better access to affordable, safe housing because we believe that everybody should enjoy the security of a home. Come join us and help build a plan for the future of social housing.

With more and more supporters taking part we now have a chance to change the future of social housing campaigning.

Book your place here for the event in Bristol on 1st November at 7pm at the Barton Hill Settlement:

Penny Walster

Hub Manager – Bristol