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SGDEN AGM is taking place on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 4pm

Guest Speaker Reg Cobb from Gloucestershire Deaf Association will be sharing his experiences including post-16 education and the deaf prisoners project.

To register to attend please email for the Zoom link by Sunday 21st February.

South Gloucestershire Disability Equality Network is an independent group run by disabled people for disabled people.

SGDEN is a fully independent organisation. They are a disabled persons’ user-led organisation (DPULO). The work of SGDEN is led by a small management committee, with a majority of disabled people.

They hold regular events to:

  • provide information on schemes of use to their members
  • gather the views of local disabled people, carers and organisations on the issues which concern them

They use the information to:

  • inform the Council and other public bodies how they can make their services better for disabled people

SGDEN is funded by South Gloucestershire Council. They also have received small grants from other organisations such as the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Big Lottery and Merlin Community Grants.

What they we do?

They bring together local disabled people, and the organisations who work with them, to speak out about what will improve lives.

They  provide services  and events useful to disabled people through open meetings, newsletters, social media and work with other local organisations.

Who do they mean when they talk about disabled people?

SGDEN believes in the ‘social model of disability’. They believe that it is the physical and attitudinal barriers of society which make our impairments into a disability.

By impairment they mean any physical, sensory or mental health condition which can lead to disadvantage and discrimination.

This includes people with learning difficulties, mental health conditions, long-term illnesses such as kidney disease as well as the more well known physical disabilities such as wheelchair users and blind people.