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South Gloucestershire Draft Single Equality Plan 2015-19

South Gloucestershire Council is undertaking consultation on the draft Single Equality Plan 2015-19. The full document plus a Summary document.

The consultation will run for twelve weeks from Tuesday 17th March to Tuesday 9th June 2015.

You may be interested in commenting on the proposals. You can find out more or tell the Council your views by:

  • Visiting the consultation web page:
  • Email:     
  • Write to: FREEPOST plus RTCT-JXLE-EET, South Gloucestershire Council, Corporate Research & Consultation Team, Single Equality Plan Consultation, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, BRISTOL, BS15 9TR
  • Phone: 01454 868195

If you would like someone to talk to your group or organisation about these proposals, please contact the Council using the details above.

If you have any further queries please contact the Corporate Consultation Team at South Gloucestershire Council on 01454 868195 or via