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South Gloucestershire Draft Waste Strategy Consultation

Have your say on the Resource and Waste Strategy: 2020 and beyond

South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) are encouraging South Gloucestershire residents to have their say on the future of waste and recycling in the area by taking part in our Resource and Waste Strategy; 2020 and beyond consultation.

SGC published the draft Strategy in June and members of the public are reminded to provide their feedback via the public consultation which runs until 27 September.

The new Strategy focusses on recycling even more waste and follows-on from the Waste Strategy 2015-2020, where measures were introduced to help achieve a recycling rate of nearly 60 per cent.

We are already ahead of the 2020 national target to recycle 50 per cent of waste and are now focussed on the next milestone of recycling 65 per cent by 2035.

To support this target, a series of ‘myth-busters’ has been published to debunk some current recycling misconceptions and encourage people to recycle more of their household waste.

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