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South Gloucestershire Local Plan

Are you interested in getting involved and shaping how South Gloucestershire changes and grows over the next 15 years, where new homes, jobs and services should go, how climate change and the environment is considered in new development?

In late November South Gloucestershire Council started a consultation on the first stage of preparing the new Local Plan 2020.

The consultation document ‘Phase 1 – Issues and Approaches’, is out for consultation for 12 weeks, from Friday 27 November 2020 until Monday 1 March 2021.

This first stage is all about exploring and discussing the issues, challenges and approaches that could inform the new Local Plan. 

In this consultation the council are seeking people’s views on: 

  • the issues and priorities that should shape how we plan for the next 15 years;
  • how we might make choices about where large numbers of new homes and jobs will go, as well as choices about where to protect from growth and change;
  • how we might approach growth and change in existing urban areas; 
  • how we can start considering growth and change in rural communities;
  • the range of planning policies that might be included in the new Local Plan. 

As part of the consultation the Local Plans team have prepared a number of short videos to explain what a Local Plan is and what is contained in this consultation document, which you can view here.

This first consultation is not about how much development is planned for individual places or which sites should be allocated or protected. Instead it’s about early ideas, discussions and suggested approaches which will inform future stages. 

Your views and comments on this Phase 1 document will help to inform choices, decisions and detailed future discussions on options for growth and change in your area.

To get involved and have your say, visit and send your comments to us by Monday 1 March 2021.

As part of this consultation, the council have also published the following supporting information and documents:

You can also view and comment on these documents as part of the consultation.

Please do get involved in shaping how South Gloucestershire changes and grows over the next 15 years, and pass on to anyone else who you think might be interested in responding. 

If you want to be added to the Local Plan consultation database to receive regular updates and latest news on the preparation of the Local Plan 2020, please email and ask to be added to the consultation database.