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Staying Steady strength and balance classes

Staying Steady is a programme of strength and balance classes to help build strength, walk steadily and lower your risk of falling.

A Staying Steady class could help you if you’re feeling unsteady when moving around, are worried about falling or are less mobile than you’d like to be. The classes can help you to:

  • stay independent and carry on doing the things you enjoy
  • improve your confidence and reduce the fear of falling
  • be mobile and healthy
  • keep active and have fun

Staying Steady classes are already happening at the Greenway Centre so you can signpost people now! (classes will also start in 4 other parts of the City from April 2018). Becky Bostock is leading on the programme at Greenway and Scott Appleby is also delivering classes, they can be reached at

Information about Staying Steady is on the council’s website pre-launch but more will be available after the launch including:
• a short video (with subtitles) of a Staying Steady class which will be on the Council’s website and available for GP practice screens

Find out more at