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Stepping Out Theatre Presents: The Rise and Fall of Ronald J. Dump by Mark Breckon

Tickets for this production are £12 or £10 concessions – free tickets for all performances to people using or working in mental health, drug or alcohol services. 

For the free tickets and to let us know your requirements ring Steve Hennessy on 07790 980688

9 Performances Only!

Mon 11th – Thursday 21st June, Kings Weston House, Bristol, BS11 0UR (No Performances Friday 15th or Saturday 16th)


 A satirical ghost story for our times, where the scary history of Hallen collides with scarier goings on in present day Avonmouth

Hallen is a haunted place. Centuries ago, it was Bristol’s dumping ground for the mad and the homeless, where those deemed witches were executed. Dumping is still going on today. A rubbish dump to the south, the chemical works to the north, an oil pipeline destroying the local watercress farm, and the M5 cutting the village in half. And now evil American waste product entrepreneur, Ronald J Dump is moving into Avonmouth and doing deals with corrupt local politicians that could make things even worse . .

But help is at hand, as Bristol’s favourite environmental warriors, the Square Wheelers invade a haunted mansion to take on the ghosts of Hallen’s sinister past and the forces bent on destroying its future . .

Set against the panorama of Avonmouth’s belching chimneys, this site specific and immersive production takes audiences on a tour of the haunted mansion of Kings Weston House where modern day ghost hunts are a regular feature.

The Press on Recent Stepping Out Theatre Productions

‘Full of left-turns that can alternately baffle and delight an audience … reservations are made obsolete by the sheer amount of fun to be had.’ BRISTOL EVENING POST

‘Consistently entertaining … Packed with jokes … uses comedy to convey a very serious message’ – THERESA ROCHE, BBC BRISTOL

‘achingly funny, but also challenges head on all those destructive notions about mental illness and its treatment.’ DEBORAH HARVEY in ARTS FOCUS

‘Stepping Out offer … hilarious, hybrid performance … riotous humour … intelligent comic relief …’ THE BIG ISSUE

‘Fearless and energetic … a rumbustious blend of pantomime, dance and anarchy. The cast are all in the mood to let rip, and it works … Joyous, but there are darker moments too …  a sheer sense of fun and anything – goes energy … some great fruity dialogue, a lot of madcap humour … Fuelled by its own zany energy, the play kicks along nicely, … good, lively theatre …  ’ VENUE MAGAZINE

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