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Submit an idea online about the Library service in Greater Fishpond (Fishpond Library and Hillfields Library)

We are supporting libraries in Greater Fishpond to collect ideas from local people.

If you could help us by sharing your opinions of using the libraries it would be great.  We would appreciate ideas which could help increase usage of the library and members of the community who could take these forward. We would love to work together to ensure Fishponds and Hillfields Library are thriving destinations in the locality.

If you have ideas, just submit them online, through the online form here – the deadline to submit is 30th April.

If you know any community members over the age of 50 who are interested to start their own group in the libraries or considering using Hillfields/Fishpond libraries as meeting venue for hobbies and interests, please get in touch with Stella Judd ( as she will be very happy to support you.