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Suicide prevention grants

Suicide is a devastating event.  It is an individual tragedy, a life-altering crisis for those bereaved and a traumatic event for people within communities and services. In North Somerset there are an average of 20 suicides a year, but the number of attempts is much higher, with estimates suggesting that for every death a further 20 people will have attempted suicide.  This Grant is funded by Public Health in North Somerset Council.  We recognise that to tackle suicide rates you need to invest in early intervention and prevention and promote positive mental health and wellbeing.  The grant has been set up as a recognition of the important role that the voluntary and community sector can play in this area of work.

Apply for the Suicide Prevention Grant by using our easy-to-use online application form. You don’t need to complete the application questionnaire in one go. You can answer part of the application questionnaire now, and come back later to complete it. Your answers are saved as draft until you choose to formally submit them. At the end of the questionnaire your response is automatically emailed to Helen Yeo, the Commissioning manager.

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