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Trustees’ Week

A Trustee owes a duty of honesty, integrity, loyalty and good faith to the beneficiaries of the trust.  A trustee must at all times act exclusively in the best interests of the trust and be actively involved in any decisions

I wanted to share a reflection regarding the tireless effort that our trustees have committed to over the past year. Sometimes being a trustee can be challenging, being dedicated to the role is the only way that you can have clear oversight of what is needed. As Covid and lockdowns came to our shores, trustees have not been immune to this. I have been incredibly thankful as a new CEO of the guidance, support and knowledge that our board have shown me. But more than this, you might imagine that every trustee does this as part and parcel of their organisational commitment. As the statement above implies, what I have experienced is embedded in the very essence of what it means to be a trustee – so what?!- you might think. This year however, our committed trustees have gone further. They have been resilient, dynamic when having to work in different environments in differing ways. They have been patient and fun. More than just carrying out their duties, they have led the organisation though change, challenges and opportunities with a wonderful sense of professionalism and compassion.  

So, at the end of trustees’ week, I want to give a big thank you to all of our trustees here at TCF! You’ve been phenomenal.

ps. If you wanted to join a phenomenal team to create more inclusive communities and challenge inequalities – pop us an email!

Kevin Peltonen-Messenger