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Accessible Transport 4 U Group-Press Release

A new organisation has been formed to try and provide a fully financially and physically accessible transport service for disabled individuals.

The organisation is Accessible Transport 4 U Group.

The group is made up of 2 registered Charities and 1 Community Interest Company.

From 1st April 2020 the Group was set up to help as many people as it can.

It offers, as resources allow, a 24:7 door to door service for young and elderly disabled individuals to help them do things they thought they would never do or never do again.

It has one aim and one aim only-“…helping you to get a life” for it’s disabled individual members.

Helping to access supportive education and/or eradicate loneliness and isolation.

The group operates under section 19 of the Community Transport Act and membership is therefore required to use the service.

Full details are on the website-

The service operates in and from Bristol to anywhere in mainland Britain, at reasonable not for profit cost to members.

The group operates several specified projects that aim to bring a better quality of life to it’s members.

Projects within the Group are-

Wheel 2 Learnproviding accessible, supportive, reliable transport to and from places of learning for disabled young people between the ages of 15 and 25.

Out ‘n About– door to door accessible transport for elderly, disabled and isolated individuals who want to do things but could not use traditional transport.

Buckets ‘n Spades– daytrips/holiday transport for disabled individuals and their families and carers- suspended due to the Covid 19.

Candyfloss Outings– day trips for young disabled individuals of any age and their families and carers-suspended due to Covid 19.

It is not a large group with the 3 organisations owning, at present, 5 vehicles and 5 employees.

However there is a recruitment drive on to employ at least 2 more drivers and to buy 2 additional vehicles.

Statistic-to date-                        Breakdown of average journeys undertaken-

People carried- 26,886                Religion-24% Education-20.5% Family/Friends-13.3%

Miles travelled- 196,200                Leisure & hospitality- 9% Health & wellbeing 26.1%

Including people transported during the lockdown over 4637 miles from 23rd March 2020 to 31st August 2020.

Membership stands at 851 to date.

In some ways it is working toward being a one stop shop for members to access travel that will take them places at a time of their choosing for going and coming back on any day of the week and time of year.

2021 is looking to becoming a very challenging but rewarding year for the group and it’s members.

The cost to members-Membership costs £30 plus £6 VAT and this is a one off membership fee. Journeys are invoiced at Cost at the end of each month.

The reason for this press release is twofold-

(1) to show all is not doom and gloom. That despite the Covid 19 restrictions activities and services can prevail and

(2) To raise awareness amongst the disabled communities of the South West of England and South Wales so that more people can enjoy going out again.

Thank you

Martyn Hancock

Contact Details: 07773194950 or