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Proposed changes to neighbourhood roads and high streets in Bristol

Bristol City Council is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all citizens and businesses, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In response to the pandemic the council accelerated existing transport plans to improve walking, cycling and bus journeys in the city centre and help Bristolians get around safely during the pandemic. This included suspending parking bays and using temporary barriers to widen pavements and create new bike lanes, giving more space to pedestrians and cyclists on a number of busy roads and high streets across the city. 

Bristol City Council, in partnership with the West of England Combined Authority, has now secured further government funding to extend and strengthen the temporary work already done.

The council wants to create more liveable neighbourhoods that are free from traffic congestion and pollution, giving more space to businesses and residents and improving walking and cycling journeys. They are considering making significant changes to several neighbourhood roads to create more liveable neighbourhoods free from traffic and congestion, to minimise rat running and to maximise community enjoyment of busy high streets.

They are looking at various different options for the roads selected and remain flexible and open to suggestions for these roads. Possible changes could include closing a road to motorised through-traffic at one end while maintaining access for parking, residents and deliveries; introducing consistent or timed traffic restrictions; changes to the road layout or direction; wider pavements, and new protected bike lanes. The council will engage with the local community and discuss the various options before anything is decided or implemented on any of the neighbourhood roads.

At this stage they are just informing us that the following roads have been identified for possible improvements. They are:

  • St Marks Road, Easton
  • Princess Victoria Street, Clifton Village
  • Cotham Hill, Cotham
  • Park Row, Upper Maudlin Street, Marlborough Street & Colston Street
  • Picton Street, Montpelier
  • Rosemary Lane, Eastville
  • Beaufort Road, Redfield
  • Mina Road, St Werburghs
  • Greville Road / Upton Road, Southville
  • Langton Court Bridge, St Anne’s
  • Redcliffe Mead/Prewett Street, Redcliffe
  • Overton Road, Bishopston
  • Dean Lane, Southville

For more information please visit:

They are committed to ensuring any possible changes work for the whole community and enables businesses to thrive in the area. Residents, businesses and anyone who uses these streets will be asked for their comments on what they like about them and suggestions for improvements in the coming weeks via letters and surveys.  

The projects with surveys that are commencing this side of Christmas are as follows and all links will be live at midday on the dates listed:

St Marks Road Commencing 7 Dec 

Cotham Hill Commencing 7 Dec

Princess Victoria Street Commencing 7 Dec

Rosemary Lane Commencing 14 Dec

Picton Street Commencing 14 Dec

Park Row Commencing 14 Dec 

These surveys will be available online on the Bristol City Council Citizenspace website at and paper copies will also be produced and posted to local residents and businesses.  Following this early engagement, detailed proposals will be worked up and the community will have further opportunity to have their say. Temporary changes may be put in place following this detailed engagement but any permanent changes would be subject to a public consultation 

If you wish to get involved or need the engagement in a different format for any of the surveys please contact the team:


postal address: Streetspace Projects ,Transport Engagement & Active Travel Team ,Local and Sustainable Transport,PO BOX 3399,100 Temple Street,Bristol.BS1 9NE

or via the answerphone on 0117 9036449 where you can leave a message and a team member will contact you.